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3AW: 19 March, 2019

3AW: 19 March, 2019


19 March 2019

Interview with Dr Richard de Boer, Oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Interview with Dr Richard de Boer, oncologist, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. Mitchell says it has been discovered a drug is effective in reducing the chance of relapse of breast cancer. De Boer explains this drug has been approved by the TGA now but it is not yet on the PBS. De Boer states this drug is specifically for those with HER2-positive breast cancer. De Boer states this drug reduces the chances of HER2-positive breast cancer returning by 25%. He states Specialised Therapeutics, which is bringing this drug to Australia, has opened a scheme that will see the drugs given for free to patients until the drug is  listed on the PBS. Mitchell says this drug looks very promising.