Having Hope


The following article features in Issue One of the ST BREAST magazine.

HOPE Cancer Care is the brainchild of sisters and pharmacists, Joanna Klopper and Naomi van Hagen.

Joanna is a rural community pharmacist and Naomi a hospital pharmacist specialising in oncology.

Despite their extensive medical backgrounds, it was not until Naomi was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2015 that the sisters realised how difficult it was for patients to find and choose over-the-counter products that helped to manage the side effects of various cancers and associated cancer treatments.

“Even with my own medical background and my connections – my husband is a medical oncologist – I found it difficult to locate some of these supportive care products,” Naomi says.

“I wanted to make sure other patients could find what they were looking for without any trouble. Hopefully HOPE will now do this for other patients.”

After many months researching and seeking advice from various specialists, the sisters launched HOPE - an acronym for Helping Oncology Patient Experiences.

“Our aim is to provide the very best products and specialist pharmacist advice to help manage the side effects of various cancers treatments,” Naomi says.

“We have a team of specialist advisors who have helped us enormously, identifying and sourcing products that might be useful. These specialists include medical oncologists, haematologists, nurses, gynaecologists and radiation oncologists.

“There are products for mouth care, skin and hair care, digestive health, aches and pains, nose care, nail care, eye care, hair care and sexual health. We have tried really hard to provide a comprehensive range that covers all elements of a patient’s holistic care. This is really about providing products that support quality of life.”

Joanna & Naomi

For more information please go to www.hopecancercare.com.au