Celebrating 10 Years


Celebrating 10 Years | Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has officially opened our new Australian headquarters and toasted ST’s success in the past decade. The political heavyweight further praised ST’s culture of innovation and noted the significant contribution it had made to Australian healthcare. Click on the video above to watch our celebrations unfold.

Milestones and Events

10 Years of Compassion |  Compassion for patients and their families drives our purpose. When we hear their stories, we are more determined to find and provide treatments that meet an unmet need. Click for more.

10 Years of Giving |  The Montagner-Zembrzuski Family Foundation became aware that some of our closest neighbors needed our help. The ‘Hall without Walls’ project in Timor-Leste has changed lives and leaves an enduring legacy. Click for more.

10 Years of Giving |  Being philanthropic is important to us and STA has a long history of giving. In the past 10 years, we have donated more than $21 million worth of medicine to patients on compassionate grounds and delivered more than $3.5 million to research and development. But one of our greatest achievements has been the establishment of the Montagner-Zembrzuski Family Foundation. Click for more.

10 Years of ABRAXANE in Australia |  STA was founded with a single partner and a single product. That medicine has now become one of the most successful chemotherapies ever commercialised in Australia. Prominent medical oncologist Andrew Dean discusses how the introduction of ABRAXANE changed the landscape and outlook for some Australian cancer patients. Read more.

10 Years of Giving |  STA is committed to leaving an enduring legacy. That's why we are a major sponsor for Pangea (formerly Specialists Without Borders), which was established to provide health education in developing countries. Click for more.

10 Years of Innovation |  STA prides itself on being innovative and entrepreneurial. We set a new pharma industry benchmark in Australia when we decided to stop bonus payments to our in-field representatives based on sales volumes in their territories. We wanted them to focus on their customers, build real relationships and educate, rather than sell. We think it’s worked. Read more.

10 Years of Meeting Unmet Needs |  Rare Cancers Australia Chief Executive Richard Vines describes ST as a “national treasure” for Australian cancer patients. Read more.

Video: Celebrating 10 Years |  We look back at how ST evolved, what it's achieved and the people who've made an impact in the past 10 years.

Where it all began: How 007 became ABRAXANE |  In 1992, when the space shuttle Endeavour made a successful mission to space, when the Cold War came to an end and when a Frenchman called George Charpak took out a Nobel physics prize for his inventions of particle detectors, a couple of US scientists had an idea that would go on to change cancer medicine. Click for more.

From the CEO |  Our CEO Carlo Montagner sat down with respected pharma industry publisher Paul Cross to explain how he developed ST and his plans for the next decade. Click for more.

10 Years of Partnering |  ST's success has been built on a strategy of partnering with international biotech and pharmaceutical partners, and steering their products through full commercialisation in our regions. Read more.