Our Philanthropic Heart


ST is a long-standing sponsor and supporter of Specialists Without Borders (soon to become Pangea). This not-for-profit group was established in 2008 and its mission is to send teams of Australian medical specialists to developing countries where they can upskill their peers in innovative and potentially life-saving medical techniques. Our CEO Carlo Montagner joined Australian medical teams on this year’s mission and provides the following insight.

"I have had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with a dedicated group of Aussie and Kiwi specialists, medical students and nurses in Africa.

We have provided financial support to this amazing organisation for several years and now, it  is truly humbling to see the team in action.

These medical specialists pay their own airfares and accomodation to assist and train their peers in developing countries. They also sacrifice two weeks of their own annual leave to come here and provide both theoretical and high-quality hands-on practical medical education.

I am truly inspired by what they are doing and achieving - always with a smile, and with a tremendous energy and passion that is infectious.

No other organisation I know does this work. What these teams are doing will benefit the lives of many in the local African communities of Malawi and Zimbabwe.

And importantly, they are leaving an enduring legacy. This work means better healthcare for many people in these communities not only immediately, but for many generations.”

- Carlo Montagner, Specialised Therapeutics CEO.