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Wellbeing: Making a Difference to Breast Cancer Patients

Wellbeing: Making a Difference to Breast Cancer Patients

When mother of five and grandmother of nine Christine Daley retired from her career as an executive assistant in local government three and a half years ago, she was dreaming of travelling around the country in a campervan. But less than a month into retirement, she discovered a rash and yellowing around her nipple “like a bruise”.

Subsequent tests revealed she had stage 3, inflammatory breast cancer. She underwent a course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as a single mastectomy and breast reconstruction. While she was told that it was unlikely her cancer would return, it did.

During subsequent rounds of chemotherapy, she was provided with the ABRAXANE® Wellbeing Kit as part of a pilot program. Inside the suitcase-style box was a range of products, carefully selected with breast cancer patients in mind, and chosen specifically to enhance patient comfort and wellbeing while on treatment.

Christine describes it as “a lovely surprise”, noting that she subsequently used many of the products contained within the Wellbeing Kit.

“I am on my third round of treatment for inflammatory breast cancer and this meant a lot,” she said.

“Sometimes little gestures can make a real difference to your day and your overall wellbeing.”

For now, Christine is trying to stay positive. She takes twice daily walks on the beach near her home “and I have a lovely network of friends, great neighbours that keep in touch and a great husband.”

“I'm currently feeling quite good and coping well with the chemotherapy,” she says.

“I have chemo on three Fridays and then I have a two-week gap. In the break we always try to do something interesting, like day trips, or catching up with friends and family.

“This week, we went to Hepburn Springs for three days and I'm pleased to say I used some of the products from the Wellbeing Kit on this trip. Most of the goodies have had a work out and I'm sure the rest will be used at another time!

“Our next stage will be to move to an over 55's village, where more new friends and activities await.

“Thanks once again to Specialised Therapeutics.  It was really appreciated and it meant a lot to think a company cared enough to do this.”

*Christine shared her story in May 2017.