Working at Specialised Therapeutics


Experience | We know our strength lies in working together. Some of our team explain what makes Specialised Therapeutics special.

Some of our senior team members discuss their roles and experience at Specialised Therapeutics

People | 

Specialised Therapeutics employs passionate people and it’s where we excel.  Human Resources Manager Kate De Carolis explains.

Compassion | 

We never forget that patients are at the heart of our business. Some of our staff have been at the frontline of healthcare, including Senior Brand Manager and Business Development Executive Bruce Arthur.

Innovation | 

Specialised Therapeutics' mission is to bring innovative therapies to market that are cutting edge and provide opportunity to make a real difference. Senior Brand Manager Elwyn Rayson discusses what drives him.

Passion | 

Our passion drives us. Senior Brand Manager Luke Garrick tells why he loves his role.

Sales | 

A field force is the heartbeat of any pharmaceutical company. National Oncology Manager Nikoletta McLeod explains.

Our Culture | 

At Specialised Therapeutics we hold common values which are the foundation of our culture.  National Haematology Manager Susie McFadden explains what sets our team apart.

The Frontline | 

Our in-field representatives are highly experienced pharmaceutical executives. In the field, they are the face of our company. Meet one of them, Ros Taylor.