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Bridging the Gap to Reimbursement for New Therapies

March 2021: ST Chief Executive introduces new payment plans.

Our CEO discusses the last decade and reveals future plans

Pharma industry authority Paul Cross talks with Carlo Montagner

CEO Carlo Montagner Discusses Recent Partnership Deal

April 2018: Our most recent partnership deal was with US-based Puma Biotechnology (NASDAQ: PBYI). This novel early breast cancer drug first came to our attention in 2011 when Puma acquired the rights from Pfizer.

What I Have Learned Becoming a Pharma Entrepreneur

February 2018: Carlo Montagner is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Australia’s largest independent pharmaceutical company, Specialised Therapeutics Asia. The son of working-class Italian migrants, he and his wife Bozena established the company just over 10 years ago without any institutional investment.

Access Programs and Why We Need to Tell Physicians About New Medicines Available to Patients

December 2017: Australia has a world-class health care system that includes an amazing government initiated and managed scheme to ensure that new drugs can be made available in this country, with the approval and supervision of treating doctors.

When Customers Come First, Not Dangling Carrots

February 2017: ST Chief Executive explains the rationale behind new company business model.

The PBS ‘Price’ Should Never Influence Cancer Treatment

August 2016: In Australia, the cost of treating some cancers is becoming more expensive

Guest Blog: Rare Cancers Australia chief Richard Vines discusses cancer drug access

September 2017: By Richard Vines, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Rare Cancers Australia.

What I want from Pharma: Medical Oncologist Explains

October 2017: By Assc. Prof. Gary Richardson, Director of Oncology Clinics Victoria and Oncology Services and Assc. Prof. of Medicine, Monash University

PBS Price Cuts Undermine Long Term Innovation

April 2016: Earlier this week, pharmaceutical companies across the country copped a hefty financial blow, as the Federal Government’s PBS cost saving agenda took flight...